RSI Warrior Review

Information about RSI Warrior

Price: $49.95

Version: 2.1

Language : English

Platform: Microsoft Windows XP with Minimum Pentium 300 with 64mb RAM

File Size: 17MB

File Size Of Full Version: 20MB

License: Shareware

Limitation: Unlimited


Ordering Options: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Eurocard, Discover, Check / Money Order, Pay Pal, Bank / Wire Transfer

Publisher: RSI Warrior Pty Ltd



RSI Warrior is a incredible ergonomics software package, which helps computer users avoid and recover from computer-related Repetitive Strain Injuries. It achieves this by providing the user:

  • Rest break reminders that are timed based on how hard you actually work at the computer, and designed to be as unintrusive as possible.
  • Over 20 professionally designed stretches shown during rest breaks to guide you through your stretching break. These stretches are presented as 3D animations.
  • Ergonomics Wizard shown at startup to remind you the proper seating positions and proper ergonomic configuration of your desk/chair and computer.
  • Tracking & reporting of key work statistics to help you understand how you use your computer.
  • Automatic clicking to get rid of the strain associated with mouse clicking. This works by automatically dispatching a click whenever you stop moving the mouse. This works great if your RSI is induced by over-clicking.

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