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Laptop Ergonomics: Causes of Disorders, Preventions, Exercises:

Laptop Ergonomics - causes of disorder:

The main cause of Laptop Ergonomics disorders is that, if you're looking down at a laptop screen day in and day out, you'll develop upper back and neck injuries in due time.

Laptop Ergonomics disorder, repetitive stress injuries (RSI for short) stay with you for a long time and can take months or years of therapeutic massages to work out.

It's not about wrist rests or keyboard trays; these are reactive and not proactive measures for this kind of Laptop Ergonomic disorder.

Laptop Ergonomics- Prevention Methods:

  1. Select a laptop with a large screen, so that u will have a better view.
  2. Place the screen as far away as possible - increase font size for viewing if needed.
  3. Position the top of the screen 2-3" below seated eye level. Tilt the screen upward for easier viewing.
  4. Position your screen to avoid glare from windows and overhead lights.
  5. Use a special document holder or clipboard to prop up reference documents at an angle.

Laptop Ergonomics - Exercises:

The general Laptop Ergonomics exercise is that, during rest breaks, do stretches and exercises. As a general rule, none of these should involve movement outside the normal range of motion and nothing should be done that hurts .

The purpose of stretching is to maintain flexibility andbalance to avoid Ergonomics Laptop disorders. More general aerobic exercise, if done regularly, will sustain strength and improve cardiovascular conditioning and offers a way of venting energy or tension. These exercises can be done in your work space.