Keyboard Tray for Ergonomics

Ergonomic keyboard tray is attached underneath the desk, which allows you to adjust the height and position of the keyboard to a comfortable position. It is specifically designed to adjust the height and angle of the keyboard to provide a comfortable posture to the user.

Many ergonomic keyboard trays also included with an ergonomic mouse tray. An ergonomic will provide you a better viewing angle of the monitor.

Ergonomic Keyboard Tray tips:

1. While adjusting the ergonomic keyboard tray, the best height for the keyboard is at elbow height or lower.

2. The ergonomic keyboard tray should position the keyboard to be at approximately the same angle as your forearm.

3. Area for a wrist rest

4. Area for a mouse

Ergonomic Keyboard Tray Recipe:

1. Ensure that your Ergonomic Keyboard tray has adjustment mechanisms that lock into position without having to turn knobs. These are frequently over tightened, which can lead to stripped threads, or they may be difficult for some users to loosen.

2. The width and depth of the Ergonomic Keyboard trays should be large enough to accommodate the keyboard and any secondary devices, such as a mouse.

3. The minimum vertical adjustment range (for a sitting position) should be 22 inches to 28 inches from the floor, if you are working in the sitting position using the Ergonomic Keyboard tray.

Ergonomic Keyboard Tray Disadvantages:

1. The keyboard tray reduces knee clearance.

2. Keyboard trays can be adjusted too low, too high, or at the wrong angle, causing bent wrists.

3. Keyboard tray can only provide enough space for just keyboard and if the mouse tray is also included in it, if will be a forced long reach to use a mouse.

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