GentleMouse Review

Information about GentleMouse 1.0

Price: $39.95
Version: 1.0
Language: English
Platform: Windows2000, Win XP, Windows2003
Demo Version:  Yes
Publisher: Gentle Computing LLC.
Rating: gentle mouse

Review of GentleMouse 1.0

GentleMouse is a patent-pending, ergonomic software tool that clicks the mouse for you! GentleMouse is perfect for anyone with disabilities or limited hand movement, suffering from or at risk of developing Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), or just tired of having to constantly click the mouse.

GentleMouse is a great complement to ergonomic mice and alternative pointing devices.

How does it work? 
Whenever you move and pause the mouse cursor, GentleMouse briefly displays a small, transparent window next to the cursor called a Trigger Window.

If you want to click where you stopped, you just move and stop the mouse over the Trigger Window, and GentleMouse simulates the click for you. It’s that easy! No clicking. No strain. No pain.

There are secondary Trigger Windows that become visible when you move through the first Trigger Window corresponding to right-click, double-click, and middle-click, as well as common keyboard shortcuts (copy, cut, paste, etc.) and browser shortcuts (home, forward, back, etc.).

So you can perform all the mouse actions and much more all without clicking the mouse. GentleMouse is fully customizable. You can assign up to many mouse commands and keyboard shortcuts to the Trigger Windows.

You can also adjust how fast the Trigger Windows appear, how long they stay visible, and how fast the mouse or keyboard action is simulated. You can change the Trigger Windows’ size, text, color, transparency and more. You can even choose to have images represent the different mouse or keyboard actions.

With GentleMouse, you can still click manually if you want to. So you can choose to never click the mouse or let GentleMouse do most of the clicking. Either way, by reducing clicking, GentleMouse may lower your risk of developing RSI or other injuries associated with clicking.

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