Ergonomic Computer Software

Ergonomic software is the software that tells you about the different ergonomic exercises. The ergonomic software will tell you about the stretch at your computer or take a break.

The ergonomic software

  1. Can record details of use on every action a user has enacted on a computer as a log file.
  2. Can stop the computer from working for a period of time after a specified number of keystrokes or mouse-clicks to enforce break periods.
  3. Can display sample animation of exercises or movies showing stretching options.
  4. Can prompt users to take regular breaks.

Some good Ergonomic software :

1. Ergonomic Software by workpace

WorkPace software helps workers achieve safe and healthy work habits at their computers by: educating them about muscle fatigue and recovery, alerting them to when micro pauses and breaks are needed, guiding them through regular exercises and stretches designed to reduce fatigue, monitoring their exposure and intensity of computer use and providing them with feedback on how they are doing.

2. Ergonomic software by Stress Away

This ergonomic software provides solution for

  • Headaches
  • Stiff Neck or Shoulders
  • Blurred Vision
  • Gritty-Feeling Eyes
  • General Fatigue

This Ergonomic Software Offers:

  • Stress Away reduces computer-use-related fatigue and tension!
  • Stress Away Software provides easy-to-understand text and photos which guide you through brief exercises for your eyes, neck, wrists, head and shoulders.
  • Stress Away is not a screen saver, it pops up on your screen while you work and shows you a quick, easy exercise to reduce stress and tension.
  • Stress Away Software works with Win 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP operating systems.
  • Stress Away Software costs only $19.95.
  • You can purchase a Site License for as low as $5 per copy.
  • You can download Stress Away Software demonstration.

3. RSI Guard

RSI Guard is the most powerful ergonomic software available for the management of Repetitive Strain Injuries.

This software offers:

  • Rest break reminders that are timed based on how hard you actually work at the computer, and designed to be as unintrusive as possible
  • Video stretches shown during rest breaks
  • Micro breaks give you time to briefly relax, regain awareness of your posture and work patterns, and maintain awareness of how your body feels
  • Ergonomic reminder messages keep you aware of how you are working at the computer
  • Tracking & reporting of key work statistics helps you understand how you use your computer
  • Online health status reporting helps you track the connection between work patterns and discomfort
  • Online ergonomic training teaches you the basics of healthy computing
  • Hotkeys & keyboard remapping reduce keyboard strain by reducing how many keys you press and relocating hard-to-press keys
  • Automatic clicking eliminates strain associated with mouse clicking, works much better than alternative pointing devices or switching to your other hand
  • Dynamic work restrictions help you follow a doctor-prescribed reduction in your exposure to computer strain
  • Highly customizable features with an easy-to-use setup-wizard and intelligent default settings
  • Flexible multi-user and network support lets you easily move from computer to computer, install on servers, intranets, etc.
  • Administrative-control functions for enterprise users
  • Upgrade path to Remedy Interactive Office Ergonomics Suite
  • Easy to use

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